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Course Objectives:

 This subject imparts knowledge on construction, operation and applications of synchronous and induction motors.

Course Outcomes:

Students are able to

1. Handle the induction machines for various purposes.

2. Look after and interpret the behavior of three phase synchronous machine under different conditions.

3. Appreciate working of special electrical machines


3 Credits (3-0-0)

Course Objectives:

1.    To teach the design principles of magnetic circuit and winding, three-phase transformers and 3 phase induction motor.

2.    Study of heating and cooling of machines.


Course Outcomes:-

Students are able to:-

1. Understand EE material properties and concept of specific loading and heating cooling of


2. Design Distribution and power transformer.

3. Design Three-phase induction motor and synchronous machine

4. Compute the performance of machine from design data

This is a basic course in Electrical Engineering common to all disciplines of Engineering.